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Integrity Is Our Highest Priority

Having more than 17 years of experience, MGM BOSCO has evolved into an establishment that is renowned within the cold-chain industry for its dedication to provide customers with a range of excellent services that embrace quality and satisfaction.

Today, our Bekasi, Sidoarjo and Makassar based temperature controlled warehouses can facilitate more than 22,000 pallet positions. Our commitment to foster solid relationships with our valued customers has inspired us to expand and secure branches in prominent cities, which include Surabaya, Banjarmasin, and Bali. Moreover, we are employing more than 839 units of refrigerated vehicles that deliver our customers’ products across 100 cities within Indonesia.

Our committed team of experts aim to provide exceptional care and attention to sustain quality of stored/transported products, provide repacking services, and assist in the loading and unloading process.

We believe, our ability to remain true to our fundamental beliefs and maintain customer and employee satisfaction have given us the capacity to meet industry demands with excellence. Each day, we thrive to offer you services that trigger smiles and assure your ease.


Mulia Gunung Mas



Mulia Gunung Mas (MGM) was establised in 1995. A refrigerated trucking company started its operation with three trucks catering cities in Java and Bali. 


Bonecom Servistama Compindo

(has been excluded from the Mgm Bosco group)


Bosco operates commercial cold storage facilities since 2001.


MGM BOSCO Logistics



MGM Bosco Logistics has cold storage with 22878 pallet positions capacity in all over Indonesia. Our commitment to foster solid relationships with our valued customers has inspired us to reach new horizons and secure branches in prominent cities, which include: Banjarmasin and Makassar. Moreover, we have employed 839 units of refrigerated vehicle to transport up to 25 tons of load across 100 cities within Indonesia.


MGM BOSCO Logistics Sidoarjo

Mulia Bosco Sejahtera


MGM BOSCO Logistics, Sidoarjo

Cold storage with 8016 pallet positions capacity and we have an ABF room to freeze your products. Our storage facility in Sidoarjo is equipped with five units of Mayekawa 120 KW compressor


MGM BOSCO Logistics Bekasi

Mulia Bosco Utama


MGM Bosco Logistics, Bekasi

Cold storage with 10338 pallet positions capacity. Our facility in Bekasi is equipped with two units of Mayekawa NewTon R-8000 (NH3/CO2) 270 KW. We have used ammonia and CO2, natural refrigerants which do not contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer or global warming.


MGM BOSCO Logistics Makassar

Mulia Bosco Makassar


MGM Bosco Logistics, Makassar

Temperature controlled warehouse has eight chambers to facilitate 4,524 pallet positions. We have an ABF room up to five tons capacity. Our facility in Makassar is equipped with four units of Mayekawa compressor, 2-unit 120 KW and 2-unit 90 KW.

Build your Future with MGM BOSCO

The MGM BOSCO family embraces solidarity, diligence, and persistence. We value the bonds we have developed with our customers and continually prioritize quality services that fulfill your needs.

As we continue to render our expertise and strengthen our experiences, we aim to expand our logistics network to five cold-chain warehouses in major cities across the nation as well as reaching over 839 refrigerated vehicles by 2020.

We are grateful to be recognized as one of the most trusted providers within the industry. Moreover, we continue to progress based on the mission to be your reliable and trusted partner.

President Director

Michael Hadipranoto

Finance Director

Arif Qasimi Al Bone

Operations Director

M. Shah Durani R. Razak

President Commissioner

Andi Esfandiari


Ichsan Hadipranoto


Kemal Mawira


Jefrey Joe