Refrigerated Truck: Effective Transport Solution to Maintain Product’s Quality

5 months ago

One of the most important aspects of logistics and distribution is product delivery using refrigerated trucks. A refrigerated truck is a dependable solution for transporting temperature-sensitive products such as food, raw materials or processed food, and pharmaceutical products.


Benefits of Refrigerated Trucks for Product Delivery

Refrigerated trucks are equipped with a specific type of cooling system that allows the temperature to be set to specific levels required to maintain the product's quality during delivery. Here are some of the advantages of using refrigerated trucks:


Maintaining the product's quality

Products that require a specific temperature, such as food or pharmaceuticals, can be delivered safely without compromising product quality.


Extend Product Shelf Life

Refrigerated transport can help to extend the shelf life of a product. The ability to maintain and control the temperature level throughout the transport process reduces the risk of product loss due to deterioration in quality and expiration. 

Compliance with Regulations

Distribution and delivery of pharmaceutical goods and processed foods are subject to stringent laws and restrictions. When properly maintained and calibrated, refrigerated vehicles are capable of supporting and meeting the requirements necessary for the items to be transported or sold.

Temperature Flexibility 

Different quantities and temperatures can be delivered using the various types of refrigerated trucks that are available. Some refrigerated trucks have the capability to deliver at more than one temperature in a single delivery, known as multi-temperature delivery.


With continued technological advancements, refrigerate truck capabilities will continue to improve and become more effective in the challenging logistics environment. MGM Bosco Logistics, as one of the leaders in Indonesia's cold chain logistics, provides modern refrigerated trucks and operates over 950 refrigerated trucks equipped with GPS, thermo-loggers, and a 24/7 monitoring system, allowing customers to have visibility on their product during the delivery process.