MGM Bosco Logistics commitment to sustainability


MGM Bosco Logistics is committed to operating and supporting the adoption of sustainable business practices.

We will continue to innovate to deliver sustainable growth by leveraging technology to promote efficient and environmentally friendly operations.

Learn more about our sustainability initiatives through some of the subjects that represent our main commitments.

Respect the environment in which we operate


We are committed to preserving the environment in which we operate. When conducting our business activity, we strive to ensure that our operations at cold storage facilities and refrigerated truck fleets do not present any negative impact to the environment.

Environmentally friendly technologies and infrastructure are used to support our operations and enable us to execute cold logistics services to the highest standard.

Delivering sustainable logistics Solutions Through Collaborative Work Environments


We aspire to be a cold logistics provider that is able to attract the best people. To that end, we are committed to fostering a work environment that encourages constructive discussion and disagreement in order to develop innovative cold-chain logistics solutions.

We also believe that a healthy work environment must provide security and safety for our employees, customers, and stakeholders in our community. Therefore, we will continuously innovate to promote a positive working environment and increase safety and security awareness.

Operates Business with The Highest Ethics and Integrity


MGM Bosco Logistics believes that business must be conducted with integrity and the highest ethical standards. This principle must be understood and implemented as thoroughly as possible by all individuals at MGM Bosco Logistics.

MGM Bosco Logistics takes risks related to violations of business ethics seriously through the implementation of multiple layers of controls as part of management's commitment and as a reflection of a long-term commitment to building a business to be proud of.