MGM Bosco Logistics services are now available in Palembang!

2 months ago

Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatra, the second-most populous city in Sumatra Island and the largest city in southern Sumatra, is the home of MGM Bosco Logistics's latest addition to its cold storage and trucking operations network. Located strategically in the Sukarami Warehouse Complex, which has close proximity to the Boom Baru Port, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II Palembang Airport, and Trans-Sumatra Highway.

The MGM Bosco Palembang cold storage can handle a vast range of products with various temperature ranges, from frozen to chill to AC. Our team has long experience delivering high-performance cold storage operations.The first phase of our Palembang cold storage has a capacity of 2,500 pallets and is equipped with some of the most reliable warehouse and cooling system technology.


Aside from the cold storage facility, MGM Bosco Logistics also launched its trucking operations, strengthening the operations in the region through the presence of a truck workshop and pool located adjacent to the Palembang cold storage. MGM Bosco operates a fleet of 900+ refrigerated trucks with capacities ranging from 1 ton to 20 tons and is equipped with a 24-hour monitoring tool to know the exact temperature and location of our trucks.


During our press conference at the pre-launch event in Palembang, our finance director, Mr. Arif Qasimi Al Bone, stated that Palembang is one of the most strategic cities on Sumatra Island because it provides access to other cities in Sumatra. "Palembang offers us good access to other cities in the southern part of Sumatera, and the growing businesses in Sumatera are also part of our consideration for opening our cold storage and truck operations in Palembang," Mr. Arif added. MGM Bosco Logistics cold storage and truck operations in Palembang will officially start and run in the second week of February 2024.